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Bacheldre Watermill produces a range of organic and traditional flours, using traditional equipment, some of which is hundreds of years old. Most of our flours are strong and are excellent for bread makers and for hand baking.

'We make traditional flour using high quality grain,' says the Miller, who believes quality basic ingredients such as flour are just as important as other ingredients when creating top class dishes. 'Flour is sometimes overlooked, but with more people using bread makers these days they want to make a better loaf.'

Our grain is organically grown and we always purchase the highest quality grain available. The Soil Association certifies our entire production process from start to finish ensuring high quality. We are proud to present this range of exceptional quality flours.

Our traditional Bacheldre Flour is milled from local wheat grown at Bacheldre Farm, as it would have been done hundreds of years ago. It is a truly local flour and 100% Welsh with minimum of food miles.

We have a 100 year old cleaning machine that is practically unique in this modern world of mass production, there are only a handful left in the world! Clean grain means no chaff, no mites and no dirt or debris on the grains, very few machines can achieve this, ours does. Clean grain (grist) assures a pure, quality product.

Our grist’s are milled using traditional grinding stones to produce slowly and gently milled flour, which retains all the natural goodness of the wheatgerm. This time-honoured process only slightly warms the flour thus leaving all the natural flavours intact.

Winners of multiple awards and commendedations within the last 8 years

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Bachedldre Flour

Owner/Manager: Matt & Anne Scott

Bacheldre Watermill, Churchstoke Montgomery Powys SY15 6TE United Kingdom
phone: 01588 620489 fax:

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