Welsh Rosewater

Welsh Rosewater - fragrance of summer all year round

Welsh Rosewater - is a joint venture between the Freeman and Jones families.

During the months of June and July as dawn breaks over the horizon you will find Desdemona and Denise selecting and picking only the finest rose blooms for inclusion in Welsh Rosewater.

On filling their baskets with 6 kilogrammes of roses, they will walk the 100 yards down the hill to the 17th century barn that now houses a purpose built still room.

Once inside the still room the roses will be placed into a 'French Onion' design solid copper still, water from the deep underground spring that runs through Tregout will then be added.

A gas burner is lit under the still - water and roses will slowly come to the boil, at this point steam will rise through the onion dome and be piped through a condenser and become a distillate captured into glass demi-johns.

After maturing and testing the Welsh Rosewater is filtered and bottled into exclusive violet glass bottles - with proven benefits of preservation and bio-energy. (www.mironglass.com)

See our website website link for further information, including wonderful recipe ideas for using Welsh Rosewater.

Rosewater - valued throughout the centuries in the kitchen, bedroom, ladies boudoir and the Apothecary's chest.

delicious - fragrant - fresh - evocative

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Welsh Rosewater

Owner/Manager: Desdemona Freeman & Denise Jones

Tregout, Crossways, Nr. Newcastle Monmouth Monmouthshire NP25 5NS Wales
phone: 01873 856201 fax:

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